How to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as a parent

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day in the Windy City ‘o green rivers and hard drinkers. With their emerald beer slamming days behind them, the Dads wonder how to spend the weekend.

WDP16: Kegs’n’Eggs and Fish’n’Mint by ChicagoParent

There are family holidays (Easter, Christmas) and grown-up holidays (New Years, Valentines). The Dads think St. Patrick’s day is the latter, and don’t know how to spend it. D.M. doesn’t live in a city anymore, so he can’t show his twins a parade, only take them to a grocery store to buy some cabbage. Todd can’t explain to his kids why he would start drinking first thing in the morning and not stop until his wife wants to pack a bag, and Matt thinks his one year old would hate Wrigleyville even more than most other people hate Wrigleyville.

Todd suggests packing it in and just making corned beef – even though kids hate corned beef. (And, really, if it was decent food, would you have to boil it for eight hours?) D.M thinks St. Patrick’s Day should be explained away like a mythical holiday creature, and Matt suggests a trip to McDonalds. The Dads like a good mint shake once a year, but don’t think it goes well with breaded carp balls. Then they examine the new phenomenon of the cherry on top of the Shamrock Shake, and things get gross in White Dad Problems’ signature way.

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Remember, it’s for grown ups only. And may the road rise up to meet you, or whatever.

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