St. Patrick’s Day crafts

Why wear someone else’s green when you can make, glue, dye or grow it yourself?

Grow your own shamrocks

Potato Stamps

DIY Shamrock Stamps

Using a plain baking potato, a heart-shaped cookie cutter andsome green paint, kids can make their own custom shamrock stamp.Use this technique to create artwork, greeting cards or even giftbags for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

What’s more Irish than wool? (Have you seen those fisherman sweaters?) make the most of un-spooled wool and get creative with wet felting!

Wet Felting with kids

If your kids can’t resist slimy, sticky, messy stuff, theyare absolutely going to love flubber. For that St. Patrick’s Daytwist, dye your flubber green!

How to make flubber

If your kids can’t resist slimy, sticky, messystuff, they are absolutely going to love flubber. Also known asSilly Putty, flubber is a slimy, malleable substance that willentertain your kids for hours. Plus, it is the ultimate at-homekitchen science experiment.

In addition to being great fun, flubber also has someinteresting science behind it.

In technical terms, a polymer is a large molecule composedof repeating structural units. These sub-units are connected bycovalent chemical bonds.

In flubber, the Borax starts out as a solid and thencombines with the glue and water to create a colloid polymer. Boraxhooks the glue’s polymer molecules together to form a putty-likematerial. As a result, flubber has properties of both a liquid anda solid.

Flubber can stretch without breaking, but you can alsoeasily tear a piece of it off. You can squeeze flubber through yourfingers, but it will also bounce like a rubber ball. Flubber willkeep its shape if you hit it with a hammer, but you can gentlypress your hands into it and leave an impression.

Challenge your kids to think of new ways to put flubber tothe test!

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