Spring style to turn heads

While we aren’t out of the woods yet for a late major blizzard to hit Chicago, I am setting my sights on spring style (the power of positive thinking!). Whether you are a trend follower, a DIY gal or prefer to buy one investment piece per season, I have a little something for everyone.

DIY accessory

I can’t think of a more satisfying answer to the question “Where did you find that accessory?” than “I made it!” You might not be a Martha, but you can definitely DIY your way to the spring tassel trend. This year is all about long, swingy fringe. 

Create your own by grabbing a pair of hoops from your jewelry box and buying some thin nylon cord. I prefer nylon over cotton because it creates more movement. Cut to double the length you prefer, then tie a “tu-tu” loop around the earring hoop (Google it, I promise it is a thing). Repeat until the bottom of the hoop is full. You can finish the ends with a heat tool to prevent fraying. When the fringe trend is over, simply remove the cord and your plain hoops are back! 

Investment piece

Each season—and for me, there are only two seasons: cold and not cold—I invest in one piece of clothing that will last for years. I usually invest in outerwear because, let’s be honest, we often don’t even remove our coats when the temps fluctuate. When I say investment, it doesn’t equate to expensive. Fit and quality are key here, so you might have to invest your time in finding a piece that ticks all of your boxes. Burberry isn’t in my budget, so I scour the racks at discount stores and sites to find one that will go the distance and fits like a glove.

Shade selection

Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year is officially Ultra Violet, but many are taking the vibrant shade down a few notches to lavender. I have worn lavender eyeshadow for years, and you can select a shade to work with any skin tone. 

For daytime, go with a soft wash rimmed by violet eyeliner. At night, you can line eyes with a charcoal that fades out to violet shadow. You can grab a color quad palette at the drugstore if you want to experiment with shades, but more expensive shadow often provides a higher pigment payout (more pigment = less shadow used = bolder color).

Try a trend

Ready to get a little crazy? Fishnet socks paired with heels are popping up everywhere and I am a fan. I skipped the frilly ankle socks paired with heels trend from a few seasons ago, but this is a more sophisticated form of foot fun. Go with a neutral pair worn with pants and neutral heels or be bold with a fun color that contrasts your shoes. Either way, the fishnet adds both pattern and texture to your look. Whatever you choose, spring is a time for new beginnings, hope and less layers!

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