Pinterest ideas for outdoor spring activities with kids

With these warmer temps in Chicago, I thought it would be a great time to explore some outdoor pins for you to try with your kids! Everyone knows we’re desperate for some Vitamin D and what better way to enjoy it than trying some fun new activities?

Blowing bubbles

My boys are obsessed with bubbles and I stumbled across this Bubble Test that one mom conducted with her kids. Think various bubble solutions made with things like corn syrup, sugar, and honey! I love using ingredients I already own to whip up something magical. You might even think bigger during an outdoor playdate and hold a Bubble Station where the kids can come and refill their jar of bubbles. Once we get settled after our move, I think this would be a perfect idea to get friends together and start blowing bubbles!

Little gardeners

One of my favorite activities with my boys is to work on starting our garden. This year, we started on our window sill and will move into the bigger garden once Spring is in full swing. My favorite project was this Egg Carton Garden. The egg carton works great at keeping the plants contained and the best part is that if you use a biodegradable carton, you can cut and stick the entire thing into the ground when you re-plant it. Multi-purpose is my kind of activity. My boys love pressing down the dirt and pushing in the seeds. What boy (or girl at that age for that matter) doesn’t love getting their hands dirty?

Easy exercise

If you’ve also thought this Winter in Chicago was the longest in history, you’re probably right (at least it felt that way as my boys ran laps around our condo). Get those little legs some exercise with some of these activities to enjoy the great outdoors. I also love this easy checklist where kids can choose what to do based on the weather that day. I plan to print this out, laminate it, and place it in a spot where my boys can see it so if we ever need ideas, they can see them right away!

Have you been longing for Spring? What are your favorite ways to enjoy the warmer weather and green trees? For even more ideas, find us on Pinterest.

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