Joy to the world

I went caroling yesterday a group from my church. More than 40 youth and parents spread some Christmas joy to hundreds of people at about 10 nursing homes and at the homes of some elderly people who aren’t able to get out much.After each stop, there was nary a dry eye.Last year, one of the elderly couples said that the carolers “made their Christmas.” As it turns out, it was their last as they both passed on in 2009.They were remembered by those who sang their hearts out this December day as the Christmas spirit lived on.

It was a very stirring evening as many elderly felt special for a little while.As parents, it is essential that we teach our children that our elder statesmen and women are to be honored, respected and remembered, especially this time of year.One day many of us will come to a gentle resting place amongst those longing to get a visit from a friendly and perhaps related face.Even though they may not know who you are, or remember that you came even a few hours later, our home-bound elderly look forward to the young smiling remembrances of their own youth.

Len and Gert were two of the people who opened their home to us as we sang.Len spent a few minutes expressing a glimpse of his 93 years of memories and thankfulness, especially for his wife Gert of more than 63 years. The sleigh bells that I jingled every so often, and really shook during our rendition of Jingle Bells, reminded Len of his days as a child growing up on a farm.He started us off in an impromptu version of “Winter Wonderland.” Even though we didn’t have the words to that classic in our caroling booklet, it was the one I sang the loudest. Hopefully Len and Gert will enjoy an encore performance next December and yet another year of wedded bliss.

May your days be merry and bright. I hear that a little more snow is coming our way!

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