Spend a splendid spring break at home

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If you’re introducing your family to the term"staycation” this spring break, you may need a few spoonfuls of sugar to help the medicine go down. Here’s some ideas to make the best of break:

1. A Family Film Festival. Make your kids’ movie viewing into a special event. Choose an unusual theme for a one-week film festival like Charlie Chaplin, Shirley Temple or Abbott and Costello flicks. Learn a bit about the genre, watch the films together and then follow it up with a related activity and discussion. And don’t forget the popcorn and movie candy.

2. Country mouse/city mouse. Have a mom friend in the city or suburbs that you haven’t seen in a while? Plan a few days and a sleepover in each other’s spaces. Show them all the fun stuff you do in your neighborhood and then be a guest in their neck of the woods.

3. Progressive playmates. Join forces with a couple of other homebound families and organize a day or two where the kids hop from house to house. Plan one fun activity for each home, a simple snack and some playtime. You’ll be the ringleader for a few hours and have a few hours to yourself as well.

4. One night only. One good thing about a bad economy is some great deals on lodging. Check with some local hotels and see what they’re offering for a one-night stay. Pick one with an indoor pool, order pizza and top the night off with an in-room movie.

5. Volunteer for something. Feeling sorry for your stay-at-home selves? This is the perfect time to show your kids just how fortunate they are. Explore some kid-friendly ways to help out in your own neighborhood. For example, younger kids can make a cheerful card for an elderly neighbor while older siblings organize a book drive or bake some treats for the local firefighters.

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