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We went through a long journey to conceive and carry to full term our fraternal twin boys, Dominic and Zachary. They were born one minute apart and in perfect health.

After their birth, I can remember the early months when my husband and I were half awake with our newborn sons in the middle of the night. The Noah’s Ark-themed nursery decorated with animals in two-by-two formation across the green and cream painted walls was the perfect place to dream of a whole new world of possibilities.

Each night, after changing diapers and warming bottles, we would each nestle into a rocking chair with one of our sons and begin to quiet the noises of hungry newborns.

Once settled, only the sounds of rocking chairs slowly moving back and forth and babies gently drinking their bottles could be heard. It felt like we were the only four people in the world.

With reluctance, after they were asleep, we would gently lay them in their bassinets and be off again to our own bed. But amidst my exhaustion, in the middle of the night, I felt happy and content.

Things are a little different now as my twins turn 3 this year. But on certain nights, when the boys who can get in and out of their own cribs, climb into our bed around 2 a.m., that same special feeling reappears.

An excerpt from"In the Middle of the Night,” a story from Chicken Soup for the Soul of Twins& More, now available in bookstores.

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