Southwest Sparks Airfare Price Cuts

I love Southwest Airlines. Not only is it one of two airlines that doesn’t nickle and dime its customers (the other is Jet Blue, which also manages to check bags without gouging flyers), but it has dropped prices and set off an airline fare war for destinations from Chicago. The deals are good if you book by Thursday. And, as always, if you can be flexible about your flying dates, you have a better shot at snagging a cheaper fare.

The following is courtesy our friends at TravelZoo:

Major carriers, sparked by overnight fare cuts from Southwest Airlines, drastically reduced prices on routes nationwide this morning to $25-$100 each way.  Many routes are nonstop and save $200 off typical prices.  Travel December-February. Book by Thursday with's fare calendar:
 Chicago-Minneapolis ... $25 ($71 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-Cleveland ... $25 ($71 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-Denver ... $59 ($152 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-New York City ... $75 ($171 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-Austin ... $75 ($171 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-Boston ... $75 ($171 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-Washington, D.C. ... $75 ($142 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-New Orleans ... $75 ($171 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-Las Vegas ... $100 ($221 R/T w/Tax)
 Chicago-Los Angeles ... $100 ($221 R/T w/Tax)
 This sale also includes fares to Dallas, Louisville, Tampa
 Bay and more. Click to search for other cities:
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