Somebody get these kids a teeny, tiny Emmy. Also, The Hills is poison.

Somebody get these kids the world’s smallest, most adorable Emmies. From Babelgum, this video of kids reenacting MTV’s reality show “The Hills” is flawless.


It’s also borderline terrifying. You’d be hard-pressed, even in this day of Britney Spears’ privates and Kate Gosselin’s spiral of self-indulgent nonsense, to find a worse example for young girls than “The Hills.” And by “The Hills” in general, I of course mean Heidi Montag. In case you missed it, Heidi came out of hiding this week after a plastic surgery marathon that involved a boob job, a nose job, a butt job, an ear pin, liposuction and (swear to God) fat injections in her face. Apparently that’s a real thing.

The end resultis that she looks like a transvestite hooker. One who’s lost the ability to regulate her facial expressions.

Yes I know she’s being mocked in the media, but little kids don’t get that. She was on the cover of People Magazine. So were the Obamas. The Hills in general, and Heidi Montag in particular, are bad crack in the schoolyard.

But those kids are really cute.


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