Halloween in minutes: Chicago mom shares quick and easy costume ideas

Whether you’re feeling the pinch this Halloween season or just not necessarily itching to hand-sew 900 glittery snowflakes onto a cape, here are eleven super trendy (yet totally doable) costumes for your children. Bonus: Many of these can be crafted mere minutes before trick-or-treating!

Captain America (…geared up for winter. Complete with “patriotic” parka, hoodie and ski mask.)

Anyone from “Game of Thrones” (…gussied up for Sunday school.)

Elsa and Anna (…modernized. Basically all you need are a couple of good braids and a snowflake sweater from Old Navy.)

Tinkerbell (…after a long day working on the farm.)

Monster High gals (…sans makeup and miniskirts, and grounded after their parents discovered what they’d been wearing to school.)

Buzz Lightyear (…pretending to be a ghost.)

Batman (…sitting inside the Batmobile/minivan with tinted windows.)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (…having a pacifist, decidedly “jeans ‘n’ hoodies” kind of day.)

The Incredibles (…getting ready for bed. Dash prefers footies. And you know what ElastiGirl wears to sleep? Yoga pants and a college tee-shirt.)

Zombies a la “The Walking Dead” (…after a cure has been found and all the excess blood has been cleaned up.)

Maleficent (…wearing a hooded Snuggie.)

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