Sock snowman craft to cure the winter blues

Spend a cold winter afternoon making these sweet sock snowmen from old socks around the house. These adorable little snowmen will leave you wishing for a snowstorm to recreate the real thing outside!


Socks (kid socks work best)



Sewing pins


Rubber bands



Plus it’s the perfect way to put all those mismatched socks you have to good use.



Spoon the rice into the sock full enough to create the body of the snowman and then use a rubber band to tie it off. Fill above the rubber band with more rice to create a head and tie off with another rubber band.


Use another sock and roll it up a few times to put on the head to make a hat. It should cover the part where you tied off with the rubber band.


Add a scarf around the neck by using a piece of thin ribbon to cover the rubber band. Tie it into a bow or use a sewing pin to secure.


Glue buttons on the snowman’s body. Use pins to create two eyes and nose for the face. You can use a Sharpie to color the pins black if desired.

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