Winter in Chicago: Please, Phil, be right

That glorious 60 degree day we just had should have made all parents so happy. For me, not so much. That small taste of freedom only reminded me how much city life in the winter sucks when you have kids.

One day of walking out the door with nothing but jeans, a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers can bring back the harsh reality of that extra 15 minutes it takes just to get out the door of any given place with your kids. It reminded my kids that their bikes are hiding under that tarp under the deck.And don’t forget the clothing battles itbrought on with my shorts and T-shirt-loving son who is now wearing them with his snow gear, and my daughter who came downstairs in a short skirt with nothing on her legs the next day.

Topping it all off was when we dropped to negative wind chills here at home and we Skyped with my DH who just had to step outside into the blinding Hawaiian sun to get a signal while he talked to us.

Yeah, sure, there are great winter family activities in the city.But by the time I get out the door with my kids appropriately bundled, they’ll all be over.Here’s hoping Mr. Punxsutawney Phil was right. But please, for the sake of all Chicago parents, no more spring days until they are here to stay.

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