Snow Cone Maker great for hot days

With the record-breaking heat we’ve had in Chicago this summer, my kids are always looking for a way to cool off. So we jumped at the chance to try out the Waring Snow Cone Maker, a new product to make professional-looking snow cones at home.

The small machine fit on my countertop and was much easier to use than the hand-cranked snow cone makers we’d bought in the past. My daughter took a dozen ice cubes, poured them into the opening on top of the snow cone maker, and pushed the lever down on the electric-powered machine.

In less than a minute, we had a pile of shaved ice that looked as good as anything we’d ever bought at a festival. One thing I particularly liked was that the snow cone maker came with a small booklet of syrups we could make ourselves. We cooked up a batch of raspberry lemonade topping using powdered drink mix, sugar and water, that lasted through hordes of children coming through my kitchen.

The snow cone maker came with four reusable cones and 12 disposable cones. It’s also small enough to store easily in a kitchen cupboard. It retails for $69.99 and is sturdy enough to last through many hot summers. It’s available at

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