Should you take sick kids out in public?

Your kid has the sniffles, but you really want them out of the house, and you already paid for their classes … what do you do? Wait, try this one: You’re at a class, and somebody brought their sniffly kid … are you angry? This week the Dads ask the immortal question: to take my slightly sick kid out in public, or not to take my slightly sick kid out in public?

CPWDP28: Snot What You Think It Is by ChicagoParent

Parents feel very sorry for their sick children. Parents loathe other people’s sick children. It makes sense, really. Other people’s sick children are a threat, and therefore must be avoided or eaten … but you don’t want to eat them, because they are sick.

This week the Dads at White Dad Problems share tales of sneaking their snotty brats into public situations, while almost simultaneously judging your snotty brats as, well, snotty brats. But really, if you can’t be judgmental, underhanded and hypocritical, you aren’t really a parent, are you?

No. Not really.

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