Fun snacks for little fingers

Sometimes snacks are purely functional-just a bag of cheese crackers, a string cheese or an apple thrown in your bag to feed kids on the go. However, snacks can be so much more. Kids can help create these healthy snacks to practice fine motor skills and get interested in eating nutritious foods. Plus, they’re just plain fun. Here are two simple “snack-imals” you can make at home to mix up your same old snacking routine.

What you need

Hummus Hippity Hops

Mini whole wheat pitas
Pretzel sticks
2 Tbsp. of hummus

Butterfly Bites

3 mini whole wheat pitas
1 baby dill pickle
2 Tbsp. of hummus or cream cheese
1 slice of turkey breast or ham
4 thin orange slices
4 thin red apple slices

Butterfly Bites

An adult should cut up the components of this snack prior to assembly to make it easy for your little snackers to create their own masterpieces. Start by cutting out four 1-inch ovals from the pita bread to create the wings. Slice one-third of the pickle on an angle and set aside for the butterfly head. Cut two small carrot sticks to serve as antennae. Finally cut four semi-circles from an orange and apple.

Lay all of the components out for your snackers to assemble their own butterflies. Begin by rolling up a slice of turkey or ham into a tight cylinder. Lay it down in the middle of the plate to be the “body” of your butterfly. Place the pickle head at the top end and the remainder of the pickle at the bottom. Use a toothpick to make two small holes and insert the carrot sticks as antennae. Place four oval-shaped pita pieces on either side of the body to make wings. Spread a thin layer of hummus or cream cheese on each oval and top with a slice of orange and apple. Fly this little guy right into your mouth at snack time.

Hummus Hippity Hops

Choose a mini pita to be the rabbit’s “head.” Cut a mini pita in half to make “ears.” Cut a thin carrot slice to serve as a nose. Begin by spreading hummus onto all of the pita pieces. Add raisins for eyes and a carrot slice nose. Arrange three pretzel sticks to each side of the nose to create “whiskers.” Add the two half pieces of pita as ears.

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