Sleep-deprived? You’re not alone

So much for counting sheep. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep in America 2009 poll, 1 in 5 people get less than six hours of shut-eye each night, and it seems you’re no different.

By the Numbers


of adults sleep less than six hours per night


of adults say they have driven when drowsy in the past year


of people just accept being sleepy and keep going

Source: ‘Sleep in America 2009,’ National Sleep Foundation

“My husband was presenting at a meeting at work, stood up and reached into his pocket for pen and brought out a handful of pacifiers!”

-Susie Donohue

“My most sleep-deprived moment was trying to keep up with nursing a newborn and returning to work full-time. I got up in the middle of the night, changed the baby’s diaper, nursed her and stopped by the bathroom. I suddenly felt the rush of my head jerking and realized I was falling asleep on the toilet. After struggling to get my senses back, I heard the baby crying again. When I returned to her crib, I found out I forgot to put her diaper on.”

-Penny Pierce

“After weeks and weeks of no sleep, imagine my horror when I showed up at church one day and discovered in the middle of the service that I had my shirt on inside out!! It’s a funny memory now, but I tell you, was I embarrassed at the time!”

-Carrie Krueger

“I have had many sleep-deprived moments as the mother of a colicky baby. One time I put the phone in the fridge and the bottle on the phone charger.”

-Annette DeAngelis

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