Sidewalks are a dangerous place in springtime in Chicago

If you hadn’t noticed, it’s spring in Chicago. Yeah, right. We’ve barely made it out of the 40s. But we’ve had enough thaw so that we can all see what everyone did all winter: Leave their garbage and dog poop all over the curbs and wedges of grass that are adjacent to the sidewalks.

Walking down the sidewalks during springtime in the city is an exercise in… well, it’s just exercise.

“Move to the right!” I scream at my eldest so he avoids stepping in last month’s leftover doggie pit stop.

When I push the stroller I can feel my biceps quiver at the constant turning I have to do to maneuver around a mound of cigarette butts.

A grassy knoll outside the brick wall of my son’s school parking lot looked like a dog park gone awry last week.

Walking in the city during springtime is dangerous.

Not to mention the potholes, sidewalk cracks and other dangerous obstacles that will certainly interfere with my son learning how to ride a two-wheeler this summer. I may just have to drive to the ‘burbs for that.

So what’s an urban and mobile mom to do? For one, we take off our shoes the INSTANT WE WALK IN THE DOOR. I just don’t trust what’s living on the bottom of those things. And, well, we can’t avoid every doggie accident. I also walk to the detriment of my posture. I’m always looking down.

I guess rounded shoulders are a small price to pay for squeaky clean soles.

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