‘White Christmas’ actress dishes on show for all ages

My daughters, Nora, 6, and Suzy, 4, pinged their best questions at Maya Hlava, the 12-year-old star of Drury Lane’s “White Christmas.” Between Nora’s bedtime envy and Suzy’s wavy stream of consciousness, we (thankfully) discovered Maya’s tolerance as she filled us in on this “funny, warm-hearted show” for all ages.

Nora: Why are you supposed to be in plays? (Keely: You mean, “How did you know you wanted to be in plays? ”Nora: “Yes. That’s what I meant.”)

Maya: I knew when I was 3 years old. My first show was Charlotte’s Web and I was a baby spider. I came out at the end and said one line, but it made me feel so amazing!

Suzy: What’s the story about?

Maya: White Christmas is about two men, Bob and Phil, who left the army and now are performers. They meet two beautiful sisters who are also performers and are planning to travel to a Vermont lodge for their Christmas show. Bob and Phil follow them. [They] team up for a festive show to raise money for the lodge and save it from closing.

Nora: Who are you in the play?

Maya: I play Susan Waverly, the granddaughter of the general who now runs the lodge.

Suzy: Do they dance a lot in the play?

Maya: They dance a lot! They mostly tap.

Nora: Do you get stage fright sometimes?

Maya: I sometimes get stage fright, but for the most part I’m pretty chill about it.

Nora: Do you have to stay up very late?

Maya: There are going to be nights where I’ll have to stay up late, but there are also nights where I can go to bed early. Mostly if I stay up late, it’s going to be because of homework.

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