Shedd fetes postcard recipient

The Shedd Aquarium is giving Scott McMurry the star treatment. And it’s all because of a postcard.


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In 1957 McMurry’s parents were visiting the Shedd and decided to send their then teen-aged son a postcard. It never arrived at their home in Decatur, GA.

But it did arrive, 55 years later, to the home of Elizabeth Fulcher in South Daytona FL. Fulcher noticed the 2 cent stamp and immediately posted the card to Facebook, asking friends to track down the intended recipient.

No one seems to know where the postcard has been all these years. We have a feeling some postal employee found it wedged between a couple of machines and decided to send it off.

McMurry, now 71, has never been to Chicago. The Shedd is flying him in on Thursday, May 3, and putting him up at the Swissotel.

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