Share your ideas for outdoor winter fun!

“Whether it’s raining, snowing or just plain BLAH outside, the Sharma family likes to sing Hannah Montana’s ‘Best of Both Worlds.’ We each take turns on the paper towel mic, dad included, and rock out! Neighbors have even joined us a few times.”

Renuka Sharma

“We find that charity work always warms the heart, especially in the winter. We volunteer at a local cat shelter-cleaning, playing with the cats and helping with adoptions. My son has fun and gives back at the same time.”

Karyn Polak

“We love to ice skate inside. The children step on pieces of wax paper and we skate around the living room.”

Christina Darquea

“We have a dance party in the playroom. We all dance and jump around and sing to the music and act crazy together. It’s a great way to beat winter blues and get your blood flowing. The kids love it. They can scream and release their energy. Sometimes I even let them jump on the couch (shhh, don’t tell my husband!).”

Stacy Tulloch

“My kids and their friends hold the ‘Winter Olympics,’ mostly sledding, but they compete and give each other scores and medals. This usually lasts for months, so they have a ton of fun.”

Chris Howe

“We have a picnic on a really cold day-in the house. We dress in our beach attire and pretend we’re at the beach on a really hot day!”

Pat Trippiedi

“We will spend a whole weekend at least once a winter constructing a fort city, complete with a play kitchen, tunnels, reading nook and various assortments of Polly Pockets and fairy dolls and their own tiny blanket forts. We use cushions, pillows, broomsticks and tons of blankets, throws and sheets. I think the kids look forward all year to the monster creation in the basement.”

Kaili Harding

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