Five fun apps to improve your sex life

Need some inspiration between the sheets? We’ve chosen five apps to help you and your spouse reignite the spark.

– By Kristy MacKaben

Kristy MacKaben is a freelance writer living in Lake Zurich with her husband and two kids.

Need some inspiration between the sheets? We’ve chosen five apps to help you and your spouse reignite the spark.

There was a time we would kiss at every red light.I don’t just mean a peck. I mean full makeout sessions until thestoplight turned green. I remember thinking: “Will we always belike this?”

A decade and two kids later, the answer is, of course,”No.” My husband and I love and appreciate each other, and we stillhave a spark, but we don’t always put our love lifefirst.

Who knew technology could help?

While mobile devices are often blamed for tearing couplesand families apart, technology isn’t all bad.

If used appropriately, technology can help couplesreconnect, says Amy Stewart, a Streeterville-based psychotherapistwho specializes in sex therapy. “Once you have kids, it’s hard. Itgets boring. It gets routine. You need to spark things up,” saysStewart. “Technology can help.”

Texting or emailing sexy messages throughout the day,video chatting while away from each other or connecting via mobileapplications can help couples bond, says Stewart.

Unlike my husband, I’m not a big app person. I usually getall huffy when I see him fiddling with his phone. But we put a fewapps to the test. From surreptitiously leaving love messages onsticky notes throughout the house to communicating through a gameabout sexual intimacy, these apps can definitely do somegood.

Free for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (and soon Android) Developer: Kahnoodle

Kahnoodle can be an eye opener. I was a bit surprised bymy husband’s love rankings-especially which particular “love need”he ranked as number one. By understanding the ranking of love needs(quality time, thoughtful acts, spontaneity, verbal praise, sexualintimacy, affectionate touch and gifts), couples can work harder tomake each other feel loved and appreciated. The app then encouragesusers to give “Kudos” to their partners for meeting those loveneeds. Kahnoodle also provides a mode to share lists, plan datenights and send private messages or pictures.


Free for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (and soon Android)Developer: TheIceBreak

TheIceBreak is designed to keep couples better connectedthrough fun questions and activities. Think there’s nothing left tolearn about your main squeeze? You might be pleasantly surprised.Ever wonder how your partner would describe your “smell” or theexact moment he/she knew you were “the One”? TheIceBreak askspoignant, yet amusing questions.


Free for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or AndroidDeveloper: Angelsong Creations

A sticky note in the refrigerator: “Great dinner tonight!A sticky note on the bathroom mirror: “Your smile makes me smile.”A sticky note inside a book: “Thank you for being you.” My husbandreally got into this app and took the advice from Romeo To Go toshow affection unexpectedly and often.

Romeo To Go

$1.99 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android Developer: Franklin Innovations

Now here’s a fun app. Wink. Wink. Just skimming the morethan 600 questions on Kindu will get you in the mood. The app evencomes with a disclaimer from the developer: “This app is not forthe faint of heart. There are some ideas you should not try in amillion years, but we wanted to include the whole spectrum ofsexual behavior.” Though a number of questions are a bitover-the-top for the average married couple, there’s nothing wrongwith expanding your imagination, says Stewart. Kindu providesexamples of turn-ons, fantasy role play and sexy activities. Usingpasscodes, each person privately answers “Yes,” “No” or “Maybe” toeach scenario, and then Kindu later reveals only the scenarioswhere both people matched. If some answers don’t match, no oneknows.


$1.99 for iPhone or iPad Developer: The Gottman Institute

Want to know what your partner really thinks? Start byasking a handful of the questions provided on this app. From theserious “What makes your partner feel most competent?” to the kinky”What turns your partner on sexually?,” the Love Maps appencourages couples to quiz each other.

Love Map

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