Self-Aware Parent Action Item #1

This weekend a participant in my class (thanks Lorna!) suggested that I periodically post a parenting idea or suggestion, an action item that can be put into effect immediately.

This action item comes directly from my husband. He has made “date night” a priority with each of our girls and they anticipate their time together with great excitement. I attempt to make individual time with the girls a priority, too, but my husband was the first to put this into practice and I am simply following his lead…

Action Item #1 – Make a date with your child (or each of your children)

We put business meetings in our outlook calendar. Why not schedule a monthly one-on-one date with your child? Get them involved in the planning of it – the anticipation and planning can be as fun as the date itself.

It can be 30 minutes or 2 hours, but either way they will look forward to time with you. If you plan the date, make sure you make it top priority. Keep your word to demonstrate trust and reliability. Scheduling dates is an opportunity to be completely present with your child and focus on what is most important – building a relationship.

Spend time with your children now, one on one. Listen to them; understand them. Look at your home, at school life, at the challenges and the problems they’re facing, through their eyes. ~ Stephen Covey, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Have you done this or does this sound doable? Feel free to comment.

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