‘Schoolhouse Rock Live’ a treat for GenX parents and their kids

It’s rare to find a family-friendly show where parents are the ones busting through the doors just ahead of their children. Emerald City’s “Schoolhouse Rock Live” is totally that show.

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Runs through June 5, 2016



For kids of a certain generation, “Schoolhouse Rock!” was the way we learned about our adverbs, our magic numbers and how to properly use a conjunction (junction). Not only that, but with catchy hooks and ‘70s riffs, these tunes were forever seared into our Saturday morning, Kindergarten brains. (Don’t believe me? Casually drop the phrase “just a bill” into a room of Gen-Xers. See what happens.)

Emerald City continues its unbeatable streak of exceptional kid-oriented theater with “Schoolhouse Rock Live,” directed and choreographed by Morgan Ashley Madison. From the opening notes and the audience’s glow sticks to the final encore (of my kids rushing the stage), this one’s set up like a rock concert with energy to spare. The cast is ridiculously talented. Ron King’s Tom (a new teacher apprehensively approaching his first day of school) anchors the show, while Lillie Cummings (Dori), Jed Feder (George) and Emily Goldberg (Shulie) tirelessly shift from great song to great song–while reminding him why he became a teacher in the first place.

Running just around an hour and geared towards ages 3-13 (or upwards of 35, say), this is the springtime show you’ll be glad you saw with your kids. And with sneaky educational messages, genuinely funny dialogue and songs that’ll be stuck in your head for the rest of the weekend, it’s a safe bet that verbs won’t be the only thing happenin’.

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