Pinterest scavenger hunt saves the day in Chicago

My niece and nephews went on spring break this week and I was charged with making one day extra fun. I sent the three of them and my mom on a scavenger hunt and thought I’d share how to create a scavenger hunt for your own family!

Whether you use it as party entertainment or because you need to beat the boredom blues, this scavenger hunt will keep them on the move.

Things you may need

  • Flashlight (if you do one in the dark)
  • Copies of the clues (for each player)
  • Cellphones, cameras and/or video cameras (if you didn’t take a picture, it didn’t happen)
  • Map and/or GPS
  • Pens or pencils
  • Ziploc bags to hold collected items
  • Vehicles with a full tank of gas

Clue options

Food restaurant clues

You can get a dozen and grab a cappy blast, grab a snack, so you can last!

Are you cold or a pepper? Either way, this home of the mega cheese fries means more ranch and more YUM!

Find a 24-hour gym. X marks the spot.

You could pay more, but with these shoes, it’s likely you’ll not pay quite as much.

Home of the Slurpee.

This black and yellow place to eat encourages people to up the heat.

Mall Tasks/Ideas

Pose in a shop window

Run to AMC and name the movie you’d most like to see.

Strike a pose by your favorite mannequins.

Ask someone what time it is on the east coast.

Tell someone you love their shoes and then convince them to let you take a picture of them.

Buy the cheapest item you can find.

Buy Poppy something adorable for his desk.

Video time

Everyone has to participate in at least ONE video.

Play air guitar in front of a department store.

Sing Happy Birthday to any shop worker and use their ACTUAL name

Do a group dance in the middle of the mall.

Perform a catwalk in a clothing store (need not try on clothes).

You can charge the teams with the task of buying something and giving it away, collecting items throughout the neighborhood, or doing certain tasks at a special spot in town. The more creative, the better.

Looking at the results later will make for good memories and laughs. You can also run a younger scavenger hunt or take a summer scavenger hunt ( together. For even more fun ideas, check out our Pinterest boards.

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