Scary can be fun

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As a father of a teenage daughter, I seek genuine moments of spontaneous, lameless fun. I am well aware that these days for us will soon pass and my exercise will hopefully come from moving to and from dorm rooms in a few short years.

My high school sophomore daughter and her friends that she has known since kindergarten were ready for some trickless treating fun over the weekend.

After a quick bite to eat courtesy of my wife’s delicious crock pot creation, I was asked to take some pictures of Bat Girl climbing our tree, a human pyramid scheme and scary smiling notions from football jersey girls and a court jester. I don’t know who enjoyed it more, the willing subjects, the camera subjector or my wife who scared the beegeebas out of us with her sneaky timed use of my daughter’s freaky faced mask.

As quickly as it came about, my starring role as the cameraman dad was once again reduced to mere chauffeur. The Bat Girl Mobile was pressed into action as we headed for virgin candy collecting territory. On the way, my spontaneous side steered the superhero toting-dad vehicle into a local haunted woods extravaganza. For a mere 10 bucks a head, myself, my daughter and her four oldest dearest friends were in line for a scary scene of horrified screams, heart-racing fear and near-pee-your-pants (the teenage girls, not the dad) kind of fun.

A very cool night had all the needed seasonal ambiance of chainsaws, machetes, blood, gore, screams and clowns. Yes, I said clowns. They were totally creepy. I guess that I should have been morally opposed to the costly and horrific content of the whole sidelined excursion, but we all had a blast.

I hope to hold on to this impromptu memory for as long as I live or at least until I need to use Depends on a daily basis. I hope that my daughter and her friends remember this relatively uncomplicated time of their lives and how fun it was to be a little scared together.

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