Say cheese: 5 unique photo gifts

I’ve always given family members the cliché photo gifts of my daughter as presents over the years, but there are many more options these days for displaying family memories. While mugs and magnets are a nice idea, everyone’s cabinets and fridges are no doubt overflowing with them already. These picks are more modern and practical ways to show off your most cherished photos. 

Smartphone Photo Case

A phone case with your child’s photo on it is a sweet little keepsake any grandparent would love to carry around. Shutterfly has cases for both iPhones and Androids starting at $44.99. The designs are seriously cute, too! You can customize the cases with a single photo or opt for a collage, and include a quote or add a monogram and choose from a large variety of colors. There are so many different ways to design the gift that you could give a different one to to each member of your family. 

Hanging Bar Calendar

Traditional photo calendars that have to be flipped each month are a little dated, but hanging bar calendars are a chic, modern way to display the days of the year. Minted has a huge selection that can be customized with a photo at the top starting at just $22. These foil calendars are hung with a reusable magnetic wooden bar and are neutral enough to fit in well with any home decor, making them ideal for the stylish friends in your life. 

Photo Letter Board 

Letter boards are all the rage these days and these photo letter boards are an extra special take on the trend. Minted once again comes through with an adorable and functional gift which displays your family photo alongside a board that can hold a favorite quote or motto. The boards start at $24 for an unframed 7×5, but you’ll probably want to spring for a frame once you see all of the super chic options, like brushed silver, whitewashed French farmhouse and matte copper. This gift has favorite cool aunt written all over it. 

Photo Puzzle

Know any puzzle lovers? This gift will remind them of you every time they take it out of the box. Pinhole Press has 252 piece puzzles that can be customized with any photo, along with optional text. It might be best to give this one to someone without young children, however, since we all know how easy it is for toddlers to lose puzzle pieces, and no one wants Aunt Edna’s head to go missing. 


This gift has ‘easy party favor’ written all over it. Walgreens offers these personalized bookmarks in tons of colors and styles, and the best part is, they’re only 50 cents per four pack. These are easy to throw in a card or goody bag, and are cheap enough to stock up on as your child grows. Buy in bulk and distribute to family members, classmates or whoever would love to see your child’s adorable face every time they pick up their book. 

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