Sarah Jane Studios: How great thou art

When it comes to giving my kidlets’ rooms a touch of framed personality, geekery, uniqueness and a sense of timelessness disguised as modern vintage is a must.

So imagine my absolute delight (and slight addiction) upon finding Sarah Jane, the absolutely phenomenal artist and mom behind the endearing, vintagey prints, paper goods and gift tags at Sarah Jane Studios.

I love what she brings to the table, er, wall, with simply illustrated, yet detailed works inspired by the innocence of childhood. And, in a world where everything for kids seems to come in bold primary colors with tons of glitter and its own light show, there’s something serene and soothing about her classic charcoal-and-ink-on-paper style.

Each piece looks like a page right out of an old-fashioned picture book and could easily pass as a decades-old family heirloom that hung in Great-Grandma Mae’s nursery or a collector’s prized find, but with a price tag that’s way, way, way more reasonable than the average opening bid at Sotheby’s.

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