Spring is in the air in Chicago – and so are we

I could smell spring today. You know what I mean – that warm gust of air that seeps in through your nose that seems to come from an entirely different direction than the rest of the wind hitting your body. That warm gust of wind that can give your body as much energy as any double, triple, or even four shot (we saw a guy order a four shot drink the other day, I am not kidding) latte.

Spring for us this year mean lots of travel. First, we owe my father a visit to Michigan in March due to the fact that his Packers beat my beloved Bears in the NFC Championship game. Yes, in my family we bet “visits” with my father always seeming to come out on top. I wish I could say the same thing for Da’ Bears. Years ago my father moved out of my childhood home and in to a more rural setting which is nice because it gives my son, Leo a chance to see a different, less chaotic side of life. We all “slow down” a bit when we go up for a visit.

Second, we are off to Europe in April. Pascale’s family is still in Belgium so we make the transatlantic voyage every so often to break bread. This year we will be spending a few days in Paris as well. Leo is looking forward to it, and already “packed his wallet” the other day in case he wants to “buy some stuff” while over there. The sad part is he has more cash than his old man to “pack his wallet” with. How does that happen? If any of you saw our “Exploring my America” trip that was documented in Chicago Parent Magazine last fall you know we like to find crazy, fun little out of the way attractions. This should be a blast!

So remember, if you find yourself feeling that same warm breeze I felt, to think warm thoughts and embrace a new chapter and the exciting opportunities that make up spring.

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