Meeting the Bloggers: Ryan

I was asked to write a piece with a vague outline of what my blogs will consist of, a sort of “what to expect while expecting” my next blog piece. My thoughts are pretty random and my mind moves 100 miles per hour. The ping-pong match in my head is ongoing, but on the bright side, at least I showed up with a paddle, right?

I live in Uptown, and each day is an adventure. After 25 years of the same leadership we will have a new Alderman after the April 5th fun-off election. Both candidates are great people, and I look forward to their guidance to get our neighborhood back on the right track. Uptown is full of outstanding people and rich diversity, but the last few years have been plagued too often with violence. Living your life with your head on a swivel is no way to live. Positive change is right around the corner and a new day is soon to be upon Uptown.

I am not always the best parent but try to be a good person. I admit to uttering a few choice words in the car before realizing I didn’t drop my son off at school yet. I probably didn’t change enough diapers when he was little, so he probably won’t change mine when I am older. I can’t blame him. I am not always the best partner in my relationship, but I am getting better with age. I am finding mutual respect goes a long way, and life is a two way street. I don’t take myself too serious and love to share a good laugh.

I look forward to interacting with the informed readers of Chicago Parent Magazine. Let the adventures begin!

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