Golden Arches? Nope – Golden House, Chicago’s finest pancake pit

I started writing this blog with the notion that I would be honest no matter how bad the consequences so I must confess right here and right now…I cheated last weekend. I had a moment of weakness and I cheated. I would like to say that I am filled with shame and regret, but I am not.

Now before I get tons of hate mail I assure you I didn’t cheat on my spouse, I cheated on my diet…and it was so worth it! The Golden House Restaurant and Pancake House in Uptown is the perfect place for that Saturday or Sunday “cheat.”

When Pascale & I got back from Europe we both put self-imposed sanctions on our food consumption. We caught ourselves getting a little “doughy” and decided we needed to firm up. Most of the eating out is off the table for a bit, replaced with a low carb fare at home. Sunday changed all that.

We love The Golden House Restaurant and Pancake House. The restaurant is run by the Espino family. The whole crew, each working hard at different positions. Hugo heads up the kitchen while Oli manages the front. Bronco comes in a bit later and picks up the slack when the place fills up. They are always upbeat and always open to a little friendly dialogue.

Pascale and I found the Golden House about six years back. We tried some of the other Uptown breakfast spots but just couldn’t find the right match. Golden House offered good food, reasonable prices, a friendly staff, and a cool retro décor.

The transition from “late breakfast because we were out at the bar folks,” to “baby on the way,” and then to “proud parents” was seamless. Everyone is welcome and the crowd is as diverse as the menu. The place offers numerous breakfast combos, omelets, pancakes, along with full lunch and dinner options as well.

Now back to the diet!

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