Runway worthy spring trends for moms


Spring is a time of new beginnings, and in my mind it’s the ideal opportunity to try new trends!


The bigger, the better when it comes to floral prints



There is a difference between being trendy and staying on-trend. Trendy is for those who blindly follow fashion forecasts without much regard to what works for their body type or personal style.


But when you are on-trend, you take into account your body shape, which cuts and patterns are most flattering, and if you actually LIKE what is strutting down the runway.


I have selected three spring trends to sample—find one that sparks your interest and give it a whirl!


Big, bold blooms


Florals are always in style for spring, it is just a matter of re-configuring the scale, pattern, colors or cut of the new looks.


This year, big blooms have taken over, and the bolder, the better. To make this style work for your body, figure out which areas you would like to emphasize or de-emphasize.


If you have broader shoulders like I do, you can wear a basic top with an A-line skirt covered in fabulous flowers.


Pear shaped? Wrap dresses are a favorite of mine—they work well with the majority of figures and are easily adjustable and available in a wide variety of prints. A floral trench coat is another piece that oozes style and is a perfect accompaniment to the unpredictable Chicago spring weather.


Show a little shoulder


NEWS FLASH: You have gorgeous shoulders. Go ahead, take a look if you don’t believe me, I’ll wait.


One trend that has serious staying power is off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.


You can go full shoulder monty and wear something straight across, baring both shoulders for a sexy take on the trend. Channel the dancing gal emoji and go for an OTS dress in sassy scarlet.


Asymmetric tops give the illusion of showing some skin while staying in the one-shoulder safety zone.


I adore looks with cutouts on the shoulder as well—such an easy way to break up the monotony of an everyday blouse, and bonus, you get to still wear a normal undergarment!


Statement earrings


For this look, bigger is indeed better, but you don’t have to tug on that earlobe to stay in style.


Many prominent earrings are made of fabric tassels, floaty feathers or delicate chains that are almost as weightless as studs.


Now, I can almost hear you saying, “I have a 9-month-old, there is no way I can wear these around her! She would rip them out faster than a cold spreads at daycare!” I agree with you on this one. So plan a much-needed night out with your friends and wear these stunners during baby-free hours.


Fashion, above all, should be FUN. We aren’t saving lives here, just making them a little more interesting and enjoyable as we go.

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