Roses for moms on Mother’s Day

Cramming a family into a teeny tiny hotel room is not a recipe for family vacation fun. It’s true when they’re toddlers and even truer when they get a little older.

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids have suitcases that seem to explode clothes the minute they enter a hotel room.

The extra room offered by a one- or two-room suties is just one reason I like the idea of all-suites hotels like the Residence Inn by Marriott. Residence Inn rates average between $120 and $160 a night. Having a full kitchen–where you can keep the makings for sandwiches and snacks–helps hold down the cost of traveling with kids. Add in the free breakfast and Internet — and that all-important kid amenity, a pool — and you’ve got a great deal for traveling families.

I’ve stayed at Residence Inns in several cities and always found them to be clean, spacious and offer great service. Because the chain caters to business travelers on long term assignments, there often is free happy hour wine and snacks in the early evenings.

On Mother’s Day, the chain will be catering to moms. Every mom who checks in chainwide will get a rose. A nice touch, I think.

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