Rocking horses recalled due to strangulation hazard

The Rocking Horse Depot is recalling about 1,200 of its Rocking Horses for risk of strangulation. The hazard comes from the reins, which are long enough that a child can put his or her head through and get stuck. Only one incident has been reported so far. A 21-month-old girl got her head caught in the reins, but her parents freed her before injury could occur.

The rocking horses come in three sizes. The smallest one in all brown with brown hair, the medium-sized one is white and dark brown with black hair and the largest horse is dark brown with white hair. All three horses have leather saddles and rest on a hardwood frame.

The Rocking Horse Depot advises parents to cut the reins of the horse. For instructions, contact the company at 623-302-6313 or visit the website at

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