10 ways to rock your summer in Chicago

Yes, in the Windy City, we tolerate the loonnnngg winter to get us to summer. Why? Because summers in Chicago rock-and now it’s time to roll.

Yes, in the Windy City, we tolerate the loonnnngg winter to get us to summer. Why? Because summers in Chicago rock–and now it’s time to roll.

Smashed with everything good-marshmallow, nuts, chocolate-thereis no better ice cream and no better time to enjoy it than a warmChicago evening! Here’s the scoop on Rocky Road ice cream: The guywho invented it stumbled on the recipe after cutting walnuts andmarshmallows with his wife’s sewing scissors and adding them to hisdish of chocolate ice cream. After the Wall Street crash in 1929,he named the concoction Rocky Road to give folks something to smileabout. Belly up to a bowl on June 2, National Rocky Road Ice CreamDay. Margie’sCandies is a city favorite. Why not make it yours this

1 Rocky Road

Take the kids to a rock concert this summer. Check out Ralph’sWorld (pictured) at Ravinia on
July 12 (reserved seats $15, lawn $5). Roll there by train to make
the day really rock! The Metra stops right at Ravinia, so it super
easy on little legs.

Or nab tickets to Maroon 5 with Kelly Clarkson (Aug. 25) at First Midwest BankAmphitheater in Tinley Park.

2 Rock out with the family!

There is treasure to be unearthed at Dave’s Down To Earth RockShop, located at 704 Main St. in Evanston.

3 Rock your rock collection

Rock your workout and your time together as a family. It’s alittle tough to find a giant rock to climb here in the Chicagoflatlands, but the NorthwestPassage in Wilmette offers all-inclusive rock climbing weekend
getaways to Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin in June and

4 Go rock climbing

Stop by RockBottom Restaurant & Brewery after a day of adventuring
downtown. I love their ginormous desserts!

5 Hit Rock Bottom

Rent a boat and explore the Chicago River or Lake Michigan. Vantage Yacht Club rents
out electric boats and sailboats you can captain or have captained
for you for an afternoon or evening of fun.

6 (Don’t) rock the boat

Rock your days by giving back. After completing 40 hours ofservice in the University of Chicago Medicine Comer Children’s HospitalPlayroom, you can volunteer to rock babies in the neonatal
intensive care unit at the University ofChicago Medicine. Call Volunteer Services at (773) 702-4421 for

7 Rock me baby

Called Rocky Ledge Beach in the early 1900s, this little citybeach now known as Rainbow Beach (3111 E. 77th St., Chicago)offers a
fantastic view of the skyline-and plenty of rocks.

8 Skip rocks

Rock `em Sock `em Robots was my favorite toy growing up. Spend
a summer afternoon rocking and socking with your kids! Or go for a
new twist on a old favorite and rock the spots with Dance Twister.

9 Rock ‘em retro

Who doesn’t like this classic family favorite? Pick up the 1976Best Picture and do what we do on our street: Play it against thegarage door and invite all your neighbors over to watch. Popcornand rock candy is a must!

10 Rocky!

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