Robot City Workshop has something for all

Sure, learning how to build a robot is great, but what about when you want to buy a fully realized one? Or how about all those times you say to yourself, “I just wish I had more robot-heavy date night options.” No fear, Chicagoland, Lakeview’s superbly cool Robot City Workshop has each of those very real concerns covered.

The store sells things you absolutely need in your life right now: a robotic duck, a running microbug and light-up snap circuits come to mind. Your 5- to 10-year-olds will have a blast creating a DIY robot kit in-shop (and will most likely graduate to reprogramming everything in your home possessing buttons, but don’t worry about that right now). Beginner workshops come in three stages and start inventors off on the right foot toward creating their own servants, er, robotic pals. Intermediate and advanced workshops teach everything from soldering to electronics troubleshooting to building a robotic arm. (Think of the future household potential!)

Camps are available for summer weeks, CPS days off, after school, half days, full days or any combination that floats your metallic boat. They offer birthday parties and both options include robot-themed decorations, goody bags and DIY robot kits.

As for that date night mention? These evenings feature the choice of 12 DIY kits, two beers from Metropolitan Brewery and popcorn service from an Omnibot 2000, the background ambience of a robot-themed movie, and a finale robot movie trivia quiz. If that kind of date doesn’t set off sparks, maybe it’s not meant to be.

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