You say you want a resolution

It’s New Year’s and the Dads are here to share the resolutions they don’t intend on keeping so that you might consider failing to keep similar resolutions… for auld lang syne.

A month of eating, drinking, and spending (December) means a month of austerity, exercise, and lying to yourself (January).

Todd insists that resoltions are a set up for failure, and D.M. suggests making resolutions that can’t be measured or checked.

Having recently failed in keeping up an exercise regimen, Todd decides to resolve to have no MAJOR heart attacks or strokes this year… only, “The Ditka kind.”

Matt has decided this is the year he’ll be a Tiger Parent – and practices withholding effection while pushing his daughter to read at 16 months.

Then the dads compose an inspirational motto to end all inspirational mottos.

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Happy New Year!

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