Hidden gems of the Bristol Renaissance Faire

With only a few more weekends left to check out the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Wisconsin, we’ve highlighted some of the must see but not so popular attractions the faire has to offer. An easy drive from Chicago (the faire sits just over the Illinois border), this is an event that will appeal to all ages and combines a little history with a whole lot of fun.


The Renaissance Faire isn’t about Renaissance times. Take a step even further back in time with Sirena. Sirena (or The Sirens) are a part instrumental, part acapella group. They characterize their personas off of the Grecian mythological creatures, sirens. Clad in ornate sea themed garb and detailed body art, The Sirens will bring you back to sea fairing days. They will capture both naïve fisherman and your hearts with their drums, all original songs and dances.

Juggling Lessons

Juggling was the cable reality show of the middle ages. Jesters all knew how to juggle to entertain their royalty. Now you can learn this life entertaining skill from professionals. At a stand very near the entrance, various juggling instruments are laid across a table so any novice jest can pick and choose their weapon of mass laughter. Juggling sticks are the most common and are used to bounce a larger fabric-bound wand back and forth between the two. They are difficult to get comfortable with but with the help of the juggling pros at the faire you’ll be the King’s favorite jester in no time.

Crack the Whip

Holding nine Guinness World Records, Adam Crack is Bristol’s whip specialist. He performs with a variety of whips and explains that each crack is actually breaking the speed of sound and creating a tiny sonic boom. Crack uses his accuracy to whip balloons, cans and around brave volunteers. After he’s whipped the crowd into shape he brings out the fire! He sets his whip on fire, spinning and cracking it in this medieval light show. He performs throughout the day so if you’re into sonic booms and flames, come by his stage and see his whip cracking skills for yourself.

Wandering Minstrels

The stage isn’t the only place you’ll find musical talent. Along the roads of the faire musicians who specialize in every family of instrument wander to entertain passerbyers. Playing cheerful tunes to slow ballads, guitarists, flutists and percussionists entertain the crowds and gain new fans through their music.

“I do believe in fairies!”

Kings and queens are in the non-fiction section of the Renaissance Faire library. What about the fairy tale section that made real life seem a bit more magical? The mystical creatures that prance around the very inner circle of the faire each have their own part to play. Some fairies play with the earth using rocks and sticks as toys. Another known fairy is the spider fairy; she spins her own webs every morning of the faire. The fairies entertain children and adults who truly believe in them.

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