Did you remember to PLAY today?

Several weeks ago I attended the BlissDom 10 blogging conference in Nashville TN.

If you’ve never been to a blogging conference, think Trekky convention only with excessive hugging, savvy networking, super smart speakers, fabulous shoes and a much higher collective score on the written part of the S.A.T.

It was inspiring, invigorating, and down-right fun. We laughed, we cried (a little), we blogged, we vlogged, and we played.

On day one, we had the privilege of listening to Key Note speakerMr. Kevin Carroll.

Kevin is the author of the bookThe Rules of the Red Rubber Ball“. A book that speaks to the power of play and creativity. He told us about his rough and arduous childhood, being left in a trailer at age 8 with his two young siblings by a messed-up mom, and the amazing Grandfather that would ultimately become his saving grace and wise protector.

Kevin turned to the playground, his trusty red rubber ball and the lessons he learned there to fuel his life’s work. It’s a book you’ll want to check out for sure.

But it was Kevin’s passionate talk of PLAY and creative expression that touched me most. In Kevin’s words,”finding your own “red rubber ball” and chasing it to your heart’s content, is the surest route to peace, prosperity, and happiness.”

He asked us how we planned to incorporate PLAY into our daily lives. And as we all looked up from our laptops and iphones,(remember he was talking to professional bloggers, people), the blank stares were almost audible as that four letter word rumbled around our word-flooded heads.

I would bet a good amount of jack that most of us sitting in that room, that day, dwell in houses busting at the seams with toys and small creatures begging us to shoot them with Nerf guns or put go-go boots and mini skirts on Barbies. But how many of us really PLAY all that often? And not only with our kid’s toys, but toys of our own.

So, there it was. The question of the day.

“How will you incorporate PLAY today?”

And I haven’t been able to get that question out of my to-do list encrusted head.

So, I’m going with it.

In the coming weeks Ill be blogging about ways to make PLAY more of a priority and reality in our daily grinds.Not only for our offspring, but for us hard-working, over-achieving, give-give-giving moms and dads.

So question number uno: How, or better yet, WILL you incorporate PLAY into your life today?

Yep, today.

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