Do you remember when every moment was new?

Do you remember when every moment was new? When every experience wasn’t burdened with, I’ve done this before, I hope this ends quickly, or I hope this doesn’t turn out like the last time

A time when you moved in and out of emotional experiences because they were just feelings, not a definition of who you were or who you would become.

When you were present, connected, plugged in to wherever you were in the moment, instead of being overly focused on your phone, Facebook, calorie consumption, or the right clothes.

For about a week I have been moving in slow motion, burning through some old issues, things I am ready to be rid of, and I have been slow enough to notice the world around me; specifically, young children.

They move from place to place, fully aware, taking one step in front of the other mindfully. Few preconceived notions or emotional baggage, just free.

Stopping to pick up leaves, notice planes in the sky, jump over cracks, and wonder why a squirrel has a fluffy tail.

I wish they could stay this way. Free to ask questions, be curious and not carry assumptions about people or experiences.

To expect joy and surprises. To feel whatever they are feeling in the moment, let it go, and then start again.

To breathe in every experience, not live on autopilot, and be real, fully awake and engaged.

Children do this, but we have forgotten.

Maybe by watching them, we can begin to remember.

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