Release the little girl in you–and shock your kids silly

1. Suck it up and slide. Slip ‘n Slides are one of summer’s key accessories. But when’s the last time you threw yourself headfirst down one of those slippery runways? Pull on your one piece (please), take a Motrin and go for it. Your kids will either be elated or completely mortified. Either way, they’ll never forget it.

 2. Set up some sabotage.

Step 1: Buy yourself a pack or two of water balloons.

Step 2: Fill them all while your kids are asleep and place them in a big bucket.

Step 3: Wait until your kids are outside playing in the yard and start chucking the water bombs out an upstairs window or from any other suitable location.

Step 4: Laugh your love handles off.

3. Steal their toys. Select one of your kids’ favorite types of toys, like a cool new Barbie or a shiny six-shooter cap gun. Buy one that’s just for you and jump into some serious uninterrupted playtime with your kids. A half hour of concentrated play goes a really long way.

4. Break your own rules. Create a batch of “get out of time-out free” cards to be used throughout the day that allow your kids to break a few rules. My boys suggested “free burp” and “tell one potty-humor joke” cards.

5. Dive right in.* Here’s another one for the record books, but not the video camera. Get in line behind your kids at the diving boards and let them see your very best cannonball.

*Do this one before your kids are tween-aged or they may be scarred for life.

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