‘Regular’ mom vs. the new ‘crafty’ mom

I am not a crafty mom. I used to be a crafty teenager, making music mixes, collages for my friends and writing notes. But, that was BEFORE–before I became mom and a mom who works. But, always at this time of the year (Halloween through the holidays) I constantly strive to be crafty. It’s my #1 goal. Every year I say to myself “I am going to do better next year.”

So, what is a crafty mom? After spending my first year living in the suburbs (I moved to the ‘burbs in summer 2008) I answer this question with: Someone who has decorations everywhere in the house. Someone who bakes cookies (or something homemade) on a semi-regular basis. Someone who does the homemade art projects as decorations with the kids. Someone who passes out cute/homemade holiday goodies for the kids AND the teachers.

I promised myself this Halloween that I am really going to take it up a notch. And, the truth is that the kids are actually satisfied and happy with what we have done and what we are doing. But, I think it’s the pressure of knowing that their friends’ moms are doing some of the crafty stuff that is driving me this Halloween.

So, for what it’sworth, I’m going to share my easy crafty ideas with you and just maybe I will help anothernon-crafty parent take it up a notch, too. I’m not saying these are stellar ideas, but enough where you’ll feel like you’ve done “good.”

So, it started a couple of weeks ago. It was time to decorate the house. We got our box of Halloween stuff out of the basement and set it all up. Accomplished. The house COULD be more spooky, but we have a one legged-skeleton (the other leg fell off), cobwebs and fake tombstones set up….some fake bones and our best decoration-the skeleton guy on a motorcycle that inflates and lights up. Not my style, but the kids LOVE it. Moving the party to the inside of the house, we got out black, orange and white paper. My son drew pumpkins, ghosts, mummies and bats. I cut them out. The kids decorated them. I hung them. Looking pretty good. I still can’t find our decals from last year but I keep searching (did I mention that I am also not great at storing things?) We added two pumpkins last weekendthat the kids decorated at a festival. Getting better! I think we’ve got the basics covered. Now what?

I am sitting here planning and plotting. I am planning on getting two pumpkins this week for carving AND for Mr. Potato Head decorating (we have these sets where you push the Mr. Potato Head’s pieces into the pumpkin). I’m feeling pretty optimistic. But, we now have a soccer party on Saturday and my daughter’s preschool party where there have been requests for treats. The regular “me” would go to Target and get some candy, send a couple of pieces in a bag for each kid and call it a day. BUT, the new crafty mom is going to try something different this year. We are going to take Oreos, dip them in orange chocolate (maybe even drizzle some white over it but I think I am getting ahead of myself),and then bag them in Halloween bags for passing out. I am also going to attempt to make spooky labels. My kids seemed to be excited and I think it will be successful.

Will it be a success or a disaster?!

Chicago Parent Editorial Team
Chicago Parent Editorial Team
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