The best Fourth of July recipes on Pinterest

With the arrival of summer, one of my favorite holidays to celebrate is just around the corner – the Fourth of July! From apple pies to celebratory parades, there’s just so much to be happy about and infusing Pinterest into your celebration can help to make things a bit more festive!


If you’re in charge of beverages for the BBQ, look no further. From the tiniest of details like red, white & blue ice cubes to Patriotic Punch – perfect for the little party goers, Pinterest offers some great options to start the party right. Feeling ambitious? What about a layered drink? I’m personally a huge fan of this Pina Colada with a hint of blue and the pizzazz of a tiny watermelon star.

Barbecue & Grillin’

For my hubby, grilling season starts January 1 and continues throughout the year, but if you’re like most other Americans, you fire up that grill come summertime and it hits it’s peak right around July 4. Grill up some chicken and toss it on this Barbecue Chicken Salad for a quick and easy side dish. Have a bit more time on your hands? Try out a hot dog bar complete with a variety of condiments and relishes. This is also the perfect time to create a Beef Ribs recipe to die for. (We enjoy smoking our meats and I strongly encourage you to do the same!)

Sweet treats

These pins cap off the perfect July 4 Day: desserts! I love the traditional All American Apple Pie with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream on top. I’m sure you also have plenty of time on your hands to create this elaborate striped cake. My personal favorite requires the least preparation and is the most fun for guests: the DIY S’mores Bar. I would always ask for s’more of that!

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