The red-headed (little) league

Does your child draw a crowd with his or her flame-colored locks? They should probably know how unique they are—only about 3 percent of Americans can boast naturally titian hair. The color is the country’s most popular for adult dye jobs but among kids can be a marker of otherworldliness, says California mom Nicole Giladi.

“Some kids may be the only redhead in their entire school or town,” says Giladi, a brunette whose son was born with red hair."They’re different and they’re beautiful.”

Inspired by the extra attention her son would get in public, Giladi has spent 2½ years assembling a children’s coffee-table book to show kids the beauty of red hair. The hardcover, Little Redheads Across America, boasts 88 pages of fiery-maned children from all 50 states, including 16 from Illinois, along with a host of facts about redheads and red hair.

“The book celebrates the uniqueness that these redheads share,” says Giladi.

The little redheads themselves also get a voice in the book."Being a redhead is cool but why are people always asking me if this is my real hair color?” asks 8-year-old Madison from Encino, Calif."I’m only a kid!”

Giladi's book is available online at and retails for 29.95.

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