Our 5 favorites from the Reasons My Son is Crying blog

Thanks to some hype from BuzzFeed, one anonymous dad’s blog filled with photos of his son crying has quickly gone viral. Each post features a photo of the his son crying, along with the “reason” why. Some of them are all too familiar scenarios. Here are our five favorites so far from Reasons My Son is Crying.

Some funny for your afternoon: one anonymous dad’s blog about his crying son.

Trust us, kid. You don’t want to drink that.

“I wouldn’t let him drink bath water”

Seems like good parenting to us.

“I wouldn’t let him drown in the pond.”

And our water isn’t wine. We feel ya.

“The milk isn’t juice.”

Siblings can be soo annoying.

“His brother pretended to sing for one second”

This one we just don’t get. We love the giraffe look.

“He is in a giraffe costume”

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