Back-to-school sayings: 21 things Chicago parents aren’t ready to hear

Still on summer vacation? Stay there as long as possible. It’s a scary place out there in Back-to-School Land. Here’s a list of possible things you’re not quite ready to hear, whether from your preschoolers or your high school seniors:

21. When’s it going to be cold enough to wear my back-to-school clothes?

20. These shoes aren’t cute anymore.

19. I volunteered you for the (out of town/overnight) field trip!

18. Will you stay for the whole time?

17. Will you let me walk in by myself?

16. Drop-off is at 6:45am/7:30am/9:15am/12:12pm/3:30pm/5:20pm/7:02pm.

15. Pick-up is at 11:20am/12:15pm/2:10pm/3:30pm/4:13pm/5:15pm/9:09pm.

14. I volunteered you for the (weekend/evening) committee!

13. My team has 19 away games.

12. Can you drop me off a little further away from the front doors?

11. Can you drive my friends home?

10. Can I ride in my boyfriend’s car?

9. I volunteered you for the (allergen-free/themed) snack!

8. I’m not tired for bed!

7. I’m too tired for breakfast!

6. I’m taking Greek/Japanese/Yiddish/other language you don’t know and cannot possibly assist me with in the wee hours of the morning when I remember I have a project due.

5. I need 31 glue sticks, 96 pencils, and 5 PVC-free insulated bags.

4. There’s a form that has to be signed, but I forgot it/ripped it/left it somewhere.

3. It’s New Math.

2. (It’s Old Math.)

1. How many days until Christmas break?

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