Readers share their Easter traditions

Church, egg hunts, family gatherings and the Easter Bunny fill readers’ Easter celebrations. Here are just a few ideas posted to

“To celebrate Easter and the tip of spring, we make little flower bouquets and baskets and put them on the neighbors’ porches.”

Susan Pelinski

“The tradition with our family is we get up early Sunday morning, go to sunrise services at church and then go to grandma’s house for an elaborate ham dinner and Easter egg hunt around the neighborhood. In the afternoon we watch the “Tale of Peter Cottontail” and take a well-deserved nap.”

Joe Spitz

“To our family, Easter is the celebration of SPRING! We study the changes that our surroundings go through such as the plants, animals and weather. We decorate with nature-inspired items like flowers, plants and birds.”

Heather Peck

“We are mostly Jewish and that’s Passover season for us with a seder, but Easter time is our pagan celebration to the return of spring and a nod to mommy’s family of origin. We read Beatrix Potter and other rabbit lit, dye fecundity symbols and hide them.”

Angela Allyn

“We have a big family so every holiday is an adventure but Easter is one of our favorites. There’s always an Easter egg hunt, a lamb cake and too much candy. And who knows what to wear? There has been more than one Easter when tears were produced due to pretty new sandals being replaced by winter boots for the walk to church.”

Ruth Kerzee

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