Readers’ favorite snow days

“We love to make angels in the snow, sled and build snowmen. After we’re all rosy cheeked and cold, we warm up from the inside out with yummy hot chocolate. Once settled inside, we snuggle up with a couple of our favorite winter books: Snowmen At Night and Snowmen at Christmas.”

Carmen Tibbs

“We LOVE snow days! I tend to celebrate it with the kids the way that I used to do it with my mom. We have plenty of outside playtime complete with snowballs, snowman-making and sledding. Then we come in for some hot chocolate with as many marshmallows as fit in the mug. A snow day is always greeted with shouts of joy in this house by everyone!”

Rebecca Kirtland

“The kids get up extra early and get outside as soon as they can. They then try to compete to see who can build the biggest snowball and usually end up making a snowman or fort. They also help dad with the shoveling. Then they come in for a cup of hot chocolate and a candy cane.”

Robyn Westfallen

“While it is snowing we spend our day inside watching movies and being lazy. After it has snowed we are outside playing, of course. My husband makes a sled ramp off our back porch for the kids to sled down. The kids sled down it over and over again. Afterwards, we have hot chocolate.”

ILona Vida

“My three boys and I bundle up and head out to the nearest sled hill for a day of sledding. They love going down the hill as far as they can and coming back up over and over. If there isn’t enough time for sledding, they make footprints, snow angels and snow creatures. When they finally decide they’ve had enough, we head inside for hot chocolate, blankets and a movie.”

Jennifer McMeel

“We spend our snow days warm and inside of our house. We stay in our pajamas all day long and relax.”

Tessa Rossman

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