What is your secret to a sucessful day trip?

“Bring plenty of water and sunscreen, good friends and matching colors!”

Amy BurnsLake Zurich

“Gift shop last. That’s our rule. They don’t get it unless they’re good.”

Barbara KaknOak Brook

“Make sure your toddler has adequate rest.”

Beth NgoNaperville

“Bring extra clothes and hats … and lots and lots of water!”

Rachael CorreaNaperville

“Wear comfortable clothes so you can walk a long time and bring along a good disposition.”

Nina GibsonMount Prospect

“Keep a close eye on your kids. Bring a spring coat and towels just in case.”

Kathleen FewellWaukegan

“Be prepared with special equipment: Bacitracin, Band-Aids, water and little treats and bathing suit.”

Brigitte BaerNaperville

"Pack everything the night before."

Andrea McGee Bellwood

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