Raspberry Blackberry Greek Yogurt Ice Pops

Makes 6 to 8 (depending on the size of the mold)


2 cups frozen, thawed blackberries or raspberries

¼ cup powdered sugar

16 ounces honey-flavored Greek-style yogurt


Combine berries with powdered sugar in a blender or food processor, pulse until smooth to make purée.


Spoon half the yogurt into a bowl and stir in 2 Tbsp. of purée so it is stained pink.


Spoon into ice pop molds, add the rest of the purée, then the rest of the yogurt.


Push in ice pop sticks and freeze until solid.



Nutrition per serving: 90 calories, 16 g carbohydrate (14 g sugar), 6 g protein, 0 g fat, 25 mg sodium, 136 mg potassium, 2 g fiber


Adapted from the Oregon Raspberry and Blackberry Commission

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