Ralph’s World launches TV pilot

Ralph’s World is heading to TV. And they need your help.

The popular band, which has been nominated for a Grammy and whose videos have been featured on Playhouse Disney, has just started shooting a pilot, entitled “Ralph’s World: Time Machine Guitar.” The half-hour show features Ralph and a band of puppets friends as they make rockin’ music videos and embark on time-traveling adventures.

But the band, whose concerts feature a lot of audience participation, is asking the potential audience (or their parents) to help out with the making of the pilot. They’ve started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $16,000 to help pay for production costs.

The idea, says Ralph, came during a discussion he had with a parent after one of his recent concerts. “Her son overheard us and said, ‘I only have a dollar – can I help?'”

The answer is yes. Giving categories start at $1 and go up to $10,000. Prizes include being listed on the website; getting an advanced copy of the show’s theme song; new, unpublished songs from the band’s upcoming CD; tickets to the band’s next show; t-shirts and hats; a Skype call with Ralph; and an original song dedicated to you. Anyone who donates $10,000 or above will be listed as a producer.

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